It is extremely important to note that most all of today’s copying and fax machines contain hard drives that remember the jobs that you or your employees copy. These hard drives may therefore contain very sensitive information regarding you, your employees or your clients. The only way to successfully clean these hard drives is have them destroyed. No copy or fax machine should ever be donated to any organization or disposed of through any other means than through a DEP licensed e-waste disposal company. No copy or fax machine should be ever be disposed of utilizing a company that that may resale or reuse it. A credible e-waste company will only physically destroy the copy or fax machine hard drive and then dismantle and recycle the remaining machine.

Businesses that require the confidence and trust of the public cannot afford to expose their clients to the loss of privileged, confidential, or legally protected information by mishandling the disposal of copy machines, fax machines or other data storage devices. The following businesses and organizations are especially vulnerable due to their usage of copying and fax machines for client records:


    * Law firms and other legal offices.

    * Universities and public schools.

    * Banks and other financial offices.

    * Tax preparers.

    * Federal, state, and local government offices.

    * Public Utilities.

    * Physicians and surgeons


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The security of customer information is the responsibility of each company that holds the public trust. It is therefore the responsibility of those companies to securely dispose of their electronic data storage devices.


E-Waste Experts Inc. was founded on the premise of providing consumers with a legitimate, electronic waste and data disposal service that was designed and supervised by a staff member that is a licensed professional engineer. This includes all the processes, and the evaluation of those processes, used for data and equipment handling, security, destruction, de-manufacture quality assurance, and documentation. E-Waste Experts, Inc. is unique in this industry in utilizing an engineering approach to addressing this very security sensitive process that continues to involve ever increasing legal responsibilities for clients.


E-Waste Experts will provide clients with a secure process specifically engineered to insure that the destruction of all data storage devices was accomplished within all applicable legal, technical, industry or unique client standards. This process is fully documented and audited through strict procedures and standards and performed under the direct supervision of a professional engineer.


All records of destruction will be signed and sealed by a professional engineer for inspection by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA-DEP). By sealing these documents, a professional engineer, as specified by the PA Code, assures that the work performed was under the engineers complete direction and control and that the engineer accepts full legal, financial, and professional responsibility for that work.  Clients are therefore able to obtain copies of those sealed documents for their own records or they can receive other sealed documents, which they may require, that accurately reflect the work performed.


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