On site hard drive destruction is the absolute safest way to ensure that a company’s proprietary data is in fact destroyed, and never breached. The actual destruction process is witnessed first hand by a company representative and never leaves their sight. There are many issues associated with on-site hard drive destruction that need to be considered when choosing an on-site hard drive destruction provider. This article will discuss these issues.


Shredding on site is one method of destroying confidential business information. This method creates dust and other micro particulate. Many of the heavy metals [1] in hard drives are extremely harmful to the environment and to humans. Any shredding system must have adequate ventilation and filtration to safeguard against these, as well as a certification by an environmental oversight authority such as the DEP.


Hammer Mills are another method of destruction; again, dust and micro particulate, as well as heat created during this process are of great concern, especially to the people involved directly in the process. There are the potential risks of injury and illness associated with hammer mill operations. Additionally, hammer-mills are extremely loud. The noise levels can also be problematic as the mill can be up to five times that of road construction.On site Hard Drive Destruction- The Only Safe GuaranteeDe-manufacturing is another method that can be performed on-site, but it is remarkably time consuming. It takes most experienced de-manufacturers an average of 15 minutes to destroy one hard drive. After this is complete, there remains the issue of what to do with the remaining parts.


Another method would be drilling, again, dust, risk of injury, and what to do with the hard drive after you put a hole in it. Also, drilling causes damage to the hard drive that is very local on the drive and may not adequately destroy the data stored on them.


Finally, crushing a hard drive is free of producing dust and micro particulate. The hard drive is fully destroyed in a manner consistent with the shredding process but, without all the unpleasant side effects. The process is rapid, quiet and safe (when done properly).


The E-Waste Experts, Inc. on site hard drive destruction technology utilizes a process that catastrophically crushes all types of hard drives with 40,000 pounds of force. This unique process is the optimal solution to on site data hard drive destruction. There is no harmful dust, minimal noise, ease of location, and a rapid speed of destruction of approximately two seconds per drive. We recycle 100% the crushed drives. There is zero risk of data exposure. The process follows a documented chain of custody procedure that is fully witnessed and consists of a quality check that ensures complete data destruction. The serial number of each individual hard drive is captured and the entire process is fully documented with a guarantee that no data will be recoverable.


E-Waste Experts, Inc. is a registered contractor with the federal government. E-Waste Experts, Inc. is fully permitted by the PA DEP and quality controlled by our own engineering staff. E-Waste Experts, Inc. is a third party certified Responsible Recycler (R2) and is certified to ISO 14001.

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